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Circulation Socks

Physipod socks were designed collaboratively by an Australian Podiatrist and Physiotherapist.

They offer 100% natural cotton with spandex (85% Cotton, 15% Spandex) to maintain shape and fit. A double terry footbed allows comfort, absorbency and ventilation.

The toe seams are Hand-finished to avoid ridges on sensitive skin and to alleviate pressure. The socks have a graduated reduction in compression up the shin, with a loose knitted soft cuff at the top, to cradle your leg. No more sock marks..... contoured comfort for ALL feet.

Perfect for Diabetics, anyone with compromised blood flow or circulation problems as well as for the everyday foot.



Small = size 5 to 7


Medium = size 8 to 10


Large = size 11 to 13


Sorry, this product is currently not available in this combination.