Our Story

After 30 years practicing as a Podiatrist Charlotte has seen almost every foot type and footwear style come through her door. Many of her clients had the same complaint…that they could never find a comfortable shoe that also looked great!! Charlotte realised that there was a huge demand for Fashionable Functional Footwear, and this led to the birth of The Shoe Room at Feet First Podiatry.

The Shoe Room was literally that, a small room housing a selection of shoes with features like extra depth, extra width and additional cushioning and support but also providing some style and colour.  

Over the past years Charlotte has worked to develop relationships with suppliers and brands to create a footwear store that caters to a variety of clients, from those with underlying medical conditions like Diabetes and Arthritis to those who are on their feet all day with their work and those clients who have to accommodate orthotics in their shoes.

The Shoe Room quickly outgrew its location at Feet First Podiatry and in November 2019 relocated to a stand-alone shop at Upper Riccarton. We now carry over 10 different brands, sourced from around the World, providing great fit for comfort and great looking styles for confidence in every situation.

We value your custom and want to ensure that you are entirely happy with your purchase and have an enjoyable experience in our shop. Ours sales team is always on hand and genuinely want to ensure you have a memorable visit.


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