Know Your Size

Here at The Shoe Room, we stock a range of premium 
international brands that use UK, US (NZ equivalent) and 
EU sizing.  As such, the Size Guide is approximate, 
and sizes may vary from brand to brand.

   Shoe Fitting Guide  

Many people find that one of their feet is slightly 
longer than the other. Make sure you measure both 
feet and select a size that will accommodate your longest 
foot. Because the foot is three-dimensional, any measuring 
device can only approximate your true shoe size.  Please also 
keep in mind that manufacturers use different lasts to 
construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly to 
the maker or style.



Check for Fit at Home

When the shoes arrive, follow these instructions to check the fit:

·         Try on a carpet so the soles don't get scuffed.

·         Wear your usual socks or stockings

·         Try both shoes on, fastening comfortably and securely

·         Stand with your weight evenly distributed

·         Check that you can wiggle your toes, and you can't feel any 
          pressure points or pinching of your feet

Fitting Options

Many of our shoes are designed to give maximum fit flexibility and 
provide an adjustable fit, either by having a removable insole or 
by providing an extra insole or forefoot filler.  You  may also have 
your own orthotic that will give you some fitting options.

·         Look inside the shoe to see if the insoles are removable.

·         Some styles are supplied with two insoles. Removing insoles 
          creates extra depth within the shoe, and also allows you to 
          replace with your own orthotics.

·         Try the shoe on with the insoles in place. If the shoe feels 
          too tight, remove one insole and try on again.

·         Consider each foot individually

·         By removing insoles, or replacing with your own orthotics, you 
          can tailor the fit of each shoe

·         Lastly, adjust any straps or laces to the most comfortable setting 
          for each foot.

·         If you have ANY concerns regarding the fitting of our footwear, please 
          do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team!!! 


Fitting Tips 

·         Half sizes can offer a better fit for many people. However, if 
 you are measuring a half size and this is not available it is best 
 to go up a size. If in doubt don’t hesitate to check with our friendly 
 team as they are familiar with the shoe fitting and can give you an 
 idea of how the shoe fits

·         BEST ADVICE: Wear the right shoe for the right occasion! Whether 
 you are climbing hills, attending a wedding, working all day standing, 
 or going to school, you need appropriate footwear. Footwear is designed 
 with a purpose and cannot be expected to perform correctly if worn at 
 the wrong time or in incorrect circumstances.

·         There is no substitute to having your shoes correctly fitted, 
 allowing a professional to assess the right style, size, fitting, 
 who will observe/assess any problem that may possibly be arising, 
 and giving you good advice – free!

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